“Moooom, I’m bored!”

I’m a huge supporter of the idea that kids need to have the space and time to feel BORED.  

No extracurricular activities lined up, no playdates scheduled, TV and screens off.

That was definitely the case here yesterday.  It was raining.  Little B and I had played lots of bored games, and done a Valentine’s Day craft.  Big E came home from school early (buses were cancelled and I was nervous about the upcoming weather).  We had a snack, and then I had some work/cooking to do.

And that’s when the boredom (and resultant chaos) hit.

Bickering, whining, getting in each other’s space, poking, teasing.

And JUST when I was about to completely lose my mind (I had already had a few minor outbursts, to be totally honest)….they came to that place of inspiration.

(Cue the heavenly music).  Their eyes lit up, and they sat down to brainstorm.

They devised a plan, dissected the couches, gathered blankets/toys/gadgets, and set to work in the family room.  They worked for over half an hour assembling it all.  All things considered, they did a pretty good job working as a team (some yelling, negotiating, elbowing was involved).

I admit that the “in between” time…that zone of chaos and noise and whining and drama…can be little challenging to breathe through.

Sometimes they need a little help with inspiration (some families create ‘bored jars’ ).  Or if it’s been a busy day with my Mom- or work-related tasks (or distractions), they need some quality connection time  with me first, to fill their tank.

But it is in these moments of “boredom” that my kids have created some pretty amazing things…books, games, crafts, wacky inventions (that involve a LOT of tape), and forts.

Or in this case, side by side thrones. ♥ ♥

bored fort thrones