Why do we need to shift our patterns and stray from the herd?

“You did XYZ as a kid, and you turned out fine”

As a parent attempting to forge a new path for her family, this is a phrase that I hear often.  It is repeated by our own parents, our peers, our doctors, and perhaps even our partners.

But once the blinders started to come off, once I decided to listen to my intuition rather than media, once I decided to ask questions and research alternatives rather than following the herd…

Once that awareness begins, blanket statements like these no longer sit well.

And they certainly do not provide a strong enough justification for us to tune out those important instincts and fall back in line with the status quo.

What’s wrong with the status quo?

Why should we take that ‘road less travelled’ for our families?

Because the stark reality is that today’s kids are growing up in a world that is *very* different to the one that we grew up in.  And one that is light years away from the world that our grandparents and great grandparents grew up in.

The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink are all vastly different now.

pesticides   gmo2  chickens junk food

Instead of playing outside, in the dirt, we’re staying inside, and slathering ourselves in hand sanitizer.  And the ‘good bacteria’ in our guts is suffering the consequences.


Kids have less down-time, and more activities and screens.

screens    overscheduled child

Harsh chemicals surround us, in our cleansers, personal care products, clothes, and mattresses.

toxic bottles  gloves

Rather than resting and listening to our bodies, commercials try to convince us to take their medicine so that we can suppress our symptoms and get back to work/school/activities sooner.


And why do these things matter?

Because we’re stressed, we’re sick, and we’re overwhelmed.

Rates of childhood illness are on the rise:

  • ADHD: 1 in 10
  • Asthma: 1 in 10
  • Allergies: 1 in 4
  • Autism: 1 in 50
  • Obesity: tripled in last 25 years, 31% overweight/obese
  • Steady increase in anxiety and depression in children
  • Increased incidence of childhood cancer

Eye-opening, isn’t it?

So what do we do about it?

Stay tuned for the next blog post, when we’ll talk about next steps to consider.

(or, if you’re impatient and ready to take action, send me a message and we’ll get started ASAP!)

Supporting a fever

Little B woke up in the middle of the night with a fever, so it’s a low-key, no-school, couch day today.


Fever is a very important defense mechanism, and is a positive sign that the immune system is launching an attack against infection.  If we suppress a fever (i.e. with Tylenol), we can actually prolong the illness, since we are stopping the body’s natural response to the infection.

So, since Little B is not showing any symptoms that I consider ‘red flags’, I am choosing to support his fever, rather than suppress it.

These are a few of the goodies that we’re using today.



Ferrum phos tissue salts to help to support the fever and immune response.


Homeopathic Oscillococcinum to support the body’s anti-viral response.


And Elderberry syrup, a powerful (and tasty!) anti-viral.




Add in lots of rest, plenty of fluids (water and homemade electrolyte drink), simple foods (applesauce and soup) and lots of TLC….and Little B will be back to his singing and dancing in no time.