Empowered Parent Makeover

Empowered Parent Makeover

The Empowered Parent Makeover is the *ultimate* wellness mentorship package.

This intensive, 6 month mentorship program combines the customized protocols of the Family Wellness packages, with the real-life learning of the Hands-On coaching options.  Extensive, long-term support, and a binder of supporting hand-outs and resources ensures that you are able to meet your wellness goals with ease and confidence.

Your wellness will be examined and addressed from all angles: nutrition, “food as medicine” natural remedies, personal care products and cleansers, and even lifestyle-related stressors.

You will emerge from this *ultimate* mentorship package feeling completely empowered, and ready to continue on with your new, upgraded lifestyle.

Is this you?

  • Want to use food (not drugs) to help your child recover from behavioural or learning challenges or simply
    boost their brain power with food?
  • Want to support your children to reach their fullest potential, natural beauty and brilliance -while easily maintaining their perfect weight, optimal growth and healthy development?
  • Want to feed your child easy to digest foods to prevent and heal digestive troubles (like constipation, diarrhea and tummy aches)?
  • Want to learn how to safely and responsibly use natural medicine?


Can you imagine feeling optimistic, prepared, and at ease in the kitchen, confident that your children are being fully nourished with nutrient dense foods free from harmful chemicals? Your time spent in the kitchen (and at the grocery store) would be so much less stressful and exhausting if you knew exactly what to buy and didn’t have to wonder anymore (what should I make for dinner?)!

And it would be such a relief, to know exactly which home remedies are effective and how use them with minor ailments, so that you can keep your child safe from the side effects of toxic over-the-counter or prescription drugs? You would gladly spend more time playing in the sunshine at the park and less time waiting at the germ-filled walk-in clinic.

How amazing would it feel to be unburdened by concerns about your family’s health and confident about the future knowing that you are making the best decisions for your family – and passing on holistic lifestyle habits and nutritional wisdom to your children to do your most important work as a parent – setting them up for a lifetime of wellness.

But, right now…

You’re feeling disillusioned by the traditional system of “diagnose and treat”, and want to adopt a more holistic approach that focuses on optimum wellness and prevention.  Sometimes you even find yourself angry with the misleading commercials and advertising for processed foods and medication. Lately, you’ve even felt hesitant while reaching for your favourite shampoo or cleanser. You sense that they are toxic, but you don’t know how recognize safe and effective replacements (or where to buy them).  You want to pull back the curtain and see through the marketing hype and often outright lies so that you can make better and more informed choices for your family. More often than you care to admit though, you find yourself frustrated and confused by the contradictory advice that bombards you at every turn and wish you had a guide to help. You’re itching to follow a new path, take a new approach…but you’re not sure where to start.

On the worst of days, you find yourself feeling frustrated, confused, and alone…especially since you find yourself at odds with your family or your partner. You’d gladly give up the emotional heartache of carrying the load all by yourself, those hours you have yet to spend researching and draining your energy worrying and stressing about your family’s health….. if only you could find someone to mentor you on the path, show you exactly where to focus your energy and walk the journey by your side.

Ahhh, that would be sooo reassuring, wouldn’t it?

You’ve done your best to tackle this on your own.

You’ve done some online research, and excitedly filled your Pinterest with inspiration, but still you find yourself unable to initiate those important first steps. You’ve even bravely bought some new foods, but didn’t really know how to successfully include them into your daily meals, and are embarrassed to admit that they ended up in the compost (and that some are still sitting at the back of your cupboard!). You’ve tried to implement new ideas and discuss your concerns with your family or partner, but are consistently met with resistance, fear, or judgment and you are at your wits end. Sometimes you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel…..but deep in your heart you know that you need to make these changes for the well-being of your children. You sense that the discomfort of making the transition is only temporary and you are ready now to invest time, money and energy in getting the support and guidance you need to finally successfully adopt new habits and finally reap the benefits!

I know how overwhelming it feels to try to break free from the ‘norm’ and adopt a new lifestyle for your family.

Fertility challenges, anxiety, and the unwanted side effects of drugs were the instigators for my lifestyle overhaul.  At the time, I was eating lots of fresh foods, but I was also including too many processed foods in my diet.  Foods that I innocently believed were healthful, as the TV commercials and mainstream media told me as much.   I attempted to read food labels, but was, unknowingly, focusing on the wrong details and ingredients. My cupboards were full of the standard cleansers, frothy shampoos, and plastic storage containers, as I enjoyed their convenience.  I saw alternative products on the shelves, but didn’t know how to justify the cost, as I did not have an appreciation of how my current choices might be linked to my health.

Seeking clarity, I read book after book, and scoured the Internet.  I found answers.  But then I found different, contradictory answers.  Online pleas for help only resulted in more confusion, guilt, and frustration.  Everyone had an opinion, and I didn’t know who to trust…or how to trust my own instincts.  My family and friends, still believing in and following the mainstream approach, were sometimes uneasy with, or even critical of, my efforts.   I began to feel more and more alone and lost, and my confidence began to waiver.

And that’s why I created the Empowered Parent Makeover!

To save you the heartache of struggling the way I did.

This step-by-step, fully guided system will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to take your family’s wellbeing into your own hands.  The program is meant to help you shift from a place of confusion and fear, to a position of power, confidence and satisfaction.

The Empowered Parent program is a guided, 6 month program, designed to successfully support your family’s wellness journey.

We’ll reach your goals by following a series of 7 steps:

  • Food can be fun

Bring a sense of joy back into the kitchen and the dinner table.  I’ll help eliminate the fear and dread that precede grocery shopping and meal prep, and show you how it can actually be enjoyable.  Together, we’ll design and create foods that will not only fuel your family’s bodies, but excite their taste buds too.

  • Kitchen Overhaul

Did you know that many common food items might be doing more harm than good?  Eliminating these ingredients doesn’t mean sacrificing your favourite comfort foods.  I’ll show you how to swap them out for better alternatives, in a way that doesn’t make you feel deprived.  And your body will thank you.

  • Let Food be Thy Medicine

Hippocrates was wise.  I’ll help you put his words into action by showing you how everyday foods can heal the body.  Together, we’ll unveil the mysteries of traditional and fermented foods, and I’ll give you a head start in filling your pantry shelves with some of these tasty and powerful foods.

  • Splurge-Worthy Foods

Are you deterred by the cost of premium produce and meat?  I’ll help you to decode terms such as” organic”, “grass-fed”, “free-range”, and “GMO” and guide you in fitting the healthier options into your budget.

  • Clean up Your Act

Did you know that the average person is exposed to over a hundred chemicals each day…before they even sit down to breakfast?  Let’s revamp your cleaning supplies and personal care products, to bring that number down to a much friendlier number.  To help have faith that natural products can do the job, we’ll create some simple, homemade products together.  And we’ll review some easy ways to gently purge some of those lingering chemicals out of your body as well.

  • Help, Don’t Hinder, Your Body

Many standard treatments provide a band-aid solution, by solely eliminating the symptoms of illness.  Rather than blocking the body’s response, we need to support our innate ability to heal.  Let’s work with the body, giving it the tools it needs to bring us back into a state of balance…quickly, and efficiently.  I’ll show you how to enhance your “medicine” cabinet and 1st aid kits with natural remedies for common ailments.

  • Breathe Deeply…and Smile

To be truly balanced, we must nurture our body, mind, and soul.  Restful sleep, healing breaths, movement, and nature are all crucial pieces of the wellness puzzle.  I’ll treat you to some energy healing, and we’ll discuss ways to incorporate healing rituals into your life to keep your battery charged.

Here’s how it works….

Twice a month, you and I will chat.

That’s TWELVE personalized, connected, 1-on-1 coaching sessions

Why on-going support?

Clients frequently start their wellness programs with enthusiasm, but then have difficulty keeping the momentum going.  Regular coaching sessions are key to keeping you inspired, motivated and focused!

In each session I will answer any questions that you might have from the prior session, help you troubleshoot any areas where you might be feeling stuck and finally, introduce you to a new teaching topic (each step building on the next).

I will go over all the essentials with you (step by step), and then, we’ll discuss how the new teaching resonates with you.  I will listen to your concerns, address any questions that arise, and be there to support your family’s priorities and unique needs.

Together, we’ll brainstorm how to effectively integrate these new concepts into your lifestyle, thereby creating new wellness traditions.

In order to successfully apply this newfound knowledge, I’ll follow up with an email chock full of supporting resources. Designed to further guide and inspire you!

And here’s how I’ve made it easy for you…

  • Kitchen revamp – let me come to your kitchen and show you which foods are hindering your health (and which yummy alternatives to eat instead)
  • I’ll bring the lessons to life with hands-on sessions in your home, making foods or remedies in the kitchen (learn it fast and get it done now)
  • I’ll take you on a comprehensive tour of a local grocery store, guiding you through the mass of products and helping you to know how make the best choices for your family (I will show you what to watch out for and which products are the best of the best nutritionally and taste-wise)

You will emerge from the program feeling confident, informed, and empowered.

Finally, you have taken charge of your family’s wellness.  And you can take pride in knowing that you are also empowering your children to carry this strength and knowledge forward into their lives.

Plus, take a ‘sneak peak’ into just some of the “Done for You” resources I have included for you: 

  • step-by-step checklists (stay organized and on track)
  • natural healing protocols (at a glance guides for dealing with common health concerns)
  • reference guides (know exactly where to get the best of the best health information on current health topics)
  • easy at-a-glance hand-outs (summarizing the most important stuff to keep in mind)
  • shopping lists – you get my signature grocery list (never wonder what to buy again)
  • recipes (all my tried, true and tested favourites)

and much more!

* You can print them out, file them in a binder, or bring them along to the grocery store with you so that you’re always prepared and in-the-know.

Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm!

Put down the books and back away from the computer.

I’ve designed this program so that you *can* be successful in reaching your family’s wellness goals.

You don’t need to ask Google for answers, or wade through piles of confusing, contradictory resources. The handouts, checklists and protocols are based on up-to-date research, and provide you with concise information, and clear direction.

And, the best part is that you’re not left on your own to navigate through them.

You’ll be privy to support and guidance from someone who has been in your shoes, dealt with the frustration, overcome the fear and judgment…someone who understands.  My personalized coaching allows the program to stray from the usual ‘cookie cutter’ approach, and instead focus on *your* family, *your* lifestyle, and *your* concerns.

This is the perfect program for you if you are:

  • Frustrated and fed-up with the ‘standard’ approach
  • Dedicated to taking a preventative, pro-active approach to your family’s wellness
  • Curious, motivated, and ready to get your hands dirty (literally!)
  • Willing to ignore the ‘doubters’, trust your gut, and advocate for yourself and your family
  • Longing for a guide to help you navigate through these changes, to make sure that they ‘stick’

This is probably *not* the right program for you if you:

  • Are not wishing to stray from the status quo
  • Prefer to have someone else make the decisions for your family
  • Are comfortable sticking with the “diagnose and treat” model
  • Are not ready to dedicate the energy to an intensive wellness program

Why invest in the support?

√ You’re stuck spinning your wheels trying to figure it all out on your own. Together we will uncover what your next steps are, so that you can confidently move forward toward your health goals.

√ You know what to do, but you are just not doing it! Or maybe you are tired of trying everything, but never sticking to anything long enough to see results (you need someone to keep you accountable to your goals, help you get unstuck and stay on track)

√ You want direction and structure- a step by step system that works to save you time, energy and money in the long term.

Wondering how you can get started on the path with my help?

It’s easy, all you have to do is apply here for a *complimentary* 30 min ‘Empowered Parent’ discovery session to chat with me and learn more.

Together we’ll determine if the Empowered Parent Makeover is exactly the thing you need next!