Family Wellness Coaching

Family WellnessWhether you’re looking to upgrade your current meal choices, eliminate inflammatory or irritating foods, or gain confidence with natural remedies, my Family Wellness coaching packages can help you to achieve your goals.


Each Family Wellness coaching package is customized to YOUR family.  We tackle the topics that are most important to YOU, and follow through with extended mentorship to ensure that you can confidently integrate the changes into your lifestyle.

Meaningful change takes time.

To be successful in making new changes stick, it is critical that we receive ongoing support and encouragement. That’s why my Family Wellness packages include extended mentoring by means of frequent implementation sessions and ongoing email support.  A beautiful new protocol is useless if we don’t have the guidance to integrate these changes into our daily routine.  It is the mentorship that allows us to successfully create a ‘new normal’ for our family.

How does it work?

All Family Wellness support packages start with a ‘dig deep’ intake session.  We’ll take time to review your family’s current situation, review your concerns, and clearly identify your wellness goals.

Based on your unique situation, I will then put together a customized game plan, which will be supported with relevant resources, hand-outs, and recipes.

We’ll review the game plan together, and over the upcoming weeks, we will work together to gradually, but confidently, implement the new ideas into your routine.  Bi-weekly check-ins allow us to review your progress, answer any questions, introduce subsequent steps, and most importantly, provide support and encouragement.  I will also be available for the occasional “SOS” email message in between sessions.

And the result?  You’ll emerge feeling confident, empowered, and proud.

Let’s take a peek at the Family Wellness coaching options:

  • Fresh Start Strategy

This package is designed to address smaller, well-defined wellness goals, and includes short-term coaching to help you to successfully implement your personalized protocol.

You’ll receive a concise customized protocol, and then have 2 (biweekly) integration sessions to guide you in making the desired changes.  Each protocol will include selected supporting resources.

  • Thrive Mentorship

This package is designed to tackle the larger, more complex wellness concerns, and includes long-term coaching to insure the successful integration of your custom game plan.

You’ll receive a comprehensive, in-depth game plan, and then have 6 (biweekly) integration sessions to empower you to confidently integrate the changes into your lifestyle.  Each game plan will include supporting resources, references, check-lists, and recipes, as relevant to your wellness goals.

And here’s a comparison of the Family Wellness coaching options:

 Fresh Start StrategyThrive Mentorship
Duration of package6 weeks3 months
Intake session45 minutes60 minutes
ProtocolConcise protocol with select supporting resources.Comprehensive protocol with numerous supporting resources.
Review of protocol45 minutes60 minutes
Integrations sessions2 x 30 minutes6 x 30 minutes
Email supportyes
(in between integration sessions)
(in between integration sessions)

You’re ready to take action and make positive changes for the health of your family.  

Let me be there to support your journey.

Need help deciding which coaching package is right for you? Let’s chat.

(*Note: unless otherwise specified, all appointments take place via phone or Skype)