Lunch Box Guide

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Do you worry that your child’s school lunch isn’t ‘making the grade’?

  • Does your child come home feeling tired, grumpy, or hyper?
  • Does your child’s lunch make the trip to school and back, but is largely uneaten?
  • Are you confused as to what foods to pack, and how to pack them so they’ll actually be consumed?

Do you need guidance on how to pack a balanced lunch that will fuel your child’s brain and body?

I’m here to help!

I’m thrilled to share my FREE Lunch Box Guide!Lunch box tips cover page

This FREE guide will help you to pack a nutritionally- dense, whole foods-based, appealing and accessible lunch that will help your child thrive at school.

To obtain your copy of  the Lunch  Box Guide, simply enter your name and email below!

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 0K0A7909-ExposureI’m Anne Pichora.

I am a foodie, Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Wellness Coach, and, most importantly, Mom to two beautiful boys.  My path to a natural, preventative lifestyle was long, frustrating, and lonely.   I created Fresh Start Family Wellness to mentor like-minded, ‘outside-the-box’ parents who are seeking to make their own ‘fresh start’ for their families.  With my help, you’ll feel empowered and excited…not overwhelmed and alone.