Hands-on support

Hands on Support

Do you need some hands-on guidance to give you that added confidence and clarity for your journey?

Accelerate your success through mentoring that brings nutrition and wellness lessons to life.  We’ll meet ‘on the scene’, get our hands dirty, and work through the lessons step-by-step.

And… we’ll have some fun in the process.

Children holding hands

Each Hands-On Support coaching package consists of an on-site, hands-on coaching session, and is supporting by relevant hand-outs and resources to keep the momentum going.

Let’s take a peek at the Hands-On coaching options:

  • Grocery Store Tour

This hands-on package takes us to the local grocery store, where we’ll take 90 minutes to stroll through the aisles together.  You’ll be equipped with a “Fresh Start Family Wellness Shopping Guide“, and a clipboard to take notes.  We’ll cover the essentials of navigating the grocery store, reading food labels, and choosing products that are worthy of your attention (and money).

Do you have a specific grocery shopping goal or conundrum?  Let me know in advance, and we’ll aim to tailor the tour to answer your key questions.

Are you feeling confident with food, but curious about natural products or supplements?   We can focus the tour on choosing the best quality products in one of these categories.

  • Cupboard Clean-Up

This coaching package takes place in your home, where we’ll take 90 minutes to overhaul the cupboard of your choice.  Keeping your family’s preferences and wellness goals in mind, we’ll review your current items and decide which are ready for upgrading, or perhaps even eliminating altogether.  I’ll provide you with information on alternative products that would be best for your family, and you’ll receive a summary of my findings and suggestions, with any relevant checklists and hand-outs.

Most clients choose their kitchen pantry as the ‘target’ for the clean-up.  If you’d prefer to tackle your cleaning cupboard, first aid cabinet, or personal care products, these are definitely options as well.

  • Kitchen Session

This coaching package takes place in your home, where we will have 90 minutes to do some true hands-on learning in the kitchen (and likely get those hands dirty in the process).  Based on your family’s trouble spots or aspirations, we’ll choose recipes and design the session.  I’ll walk you through the recipes step-by-step, letting you take the reins to help enforce the lessons and empower you to recreate them on your own in the future.  You’ll receive copies of all of the recipes, along with any supporting materials (shopping lists, etc. as relevant).

The focus of the session could be anything from inspiration for lunchboxes, creating fermented foods, baking with non-allergenic ingredients, or creating ‘food as medicine‘ remedies.  Our goal is to help you gain confidence on a topic that is important to your family’s wellness journey.

In advance of the session, I will email you a list of necessary ingredients and supplies, and ask that you have these ready for our appointment. (Cost of supplies is to be covered by the client.)

  • Deluxe Hand Hold

Are you motivated and inspired, and want to kick start your journey with a series of all three hands-on sessions? Then the Deluxe Hand Hold is for you.

In this deluxe mentorship package, we’ll schedule one of each of the sessions mentioned above: Grocery Store Tour, Cupboard Clean Up and Kitchen Session…and we’ll add more time on to each session to allow for even more information and progress.

Prior to starting the sessions, we’ll take an hour to review your wellness concerns and goals in detail.  Based on this information, I will tailor each of the hands-on sessions to match your unique goals and preferences.  You’ll get oodles of supporting hand-outs to guide you with the sessions, and at the end we’ll have another hour together to piece it all together and cover any outstanding questions or concerns.  Have some quick questions in between sessions?  No problem, shoot me a quick email.

And here’s a comparison of the Hands-On coaching options:

 Store TourCupboard Clean UpKitchen SessionDeluxe Hand Hold
Intake session to delve into client's unique goals and concerns---60 minutes
Guided store tour and supporting 'shopping guide'90 minutes--2 hours
Overhaul of cupboard and supporting summary of recommendations-90 minutes-2 hours
Hands-on lessons in the kitchen with supporting recipes--90 minutes2 hours
Final review and Q&A session---60 minutes
Email support---yes

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get ready to kick start your healing journey!

Need help deciding which coaching package is right for you? Let’s chat.

(*Note: the Hands-On Coaching generally takes place locally, face-to-face.  If you live outside of the Halton area, and are interested in arranging for Hands-On Coaching, let’s chat about Skype options)