Picky Eaters

Picky Eaters

Picky eating.  Even the phrase incites a sense of anxiety and overwhelm.

What your kids eat (or don’t eat!) can be a major source of STRESS.  Cue the panic – my kid is going to starve!

Completely well-intentioned, you start bribing, nagging, and hiding veggies in everything.  The dinner table becomes a battleground, and everyone is grumpy.

If only there were a universal, magic trick to solve picky eating.

But instead, there are a multitude of underlying factors that need to be investigated, to get to the root cause of *your* child’s selective eating.  Together, we’ll dig deep and look at everything from your child’s food preferences, personality, age and developmental stage, to your daily routine and even your food serving style.  We’ll review the role that the parent plays in the healthy eating process, and equip you with the tips, tools and words to give you confidence at the dinner table.


Picky Eaters SOS Coaching Package

Breaking old patterns takes time.  Especially with kids.  And even more so with strong-willed kiddos (which many picky eaters are!)  That’s why we work together for almost 3 months to review, reinforce, and integrate the changes into your daily routine.  Together, we’ll get your family heading in the right direction for a lifetime of healthy eating and happy mealtimes.

Here’s how we’ll tackle the issue:

  • first, we’ll have a 60 minute session to review your intake forms and delve into your family’s unique concerns and goals
  • I’ll then put together a customized game plan, complete with tips, tricks and supporting recipes.  To make things more manageable, I’ll break the game plan into 4 separate “chunks” / themes
  • I’ll send you theme #1, and we’ll have 20 minutes to review it together.
  • You’ll then have 2 weeks to put theme #1 into action in your house
  • We’ll repeat the process for themes #2, #3, and #4
  • Our time together will finish up with a 5th and final check-in, to review your progress and deal with any lingering concerns
  • And don’t worry, I’ll be available along the way for the occasional “SOS” email for quick support and reassurance.

The investment for nearly 3 months of customized Picky Eater support? $567.

The Picky Eater SOS coaching package will help you to diffuse the mealtime battles, and reassure you that with the proper guidance (and patience),  you can raise a family of healthy eaters.

Take a step back, and breathe.  Together, we’ve got this.

Need help deciding which coaching package is right for you? Let’s chat.

(*Note: unless otherwise specified, all appointments take place via phone or Skype)